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Star Wars Rebels: Season 1

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Review
Posted on June 6, 2015 by James Shults

First Aired: October 3, 2014

Creator: Simon Kinberg, Dave Filoni, Carrie Beck

Overall Rating: Good

Ezra Bridger, voiced by Taylor Gray, joins a rag tag group of rebels as they take on the Empire, whose tyranny is ever growing in this tale that takes place between Episode’s 3 and 4 of the Star Wars movie franchise.

The Good

This feels a lot like the original Star Wars trilogy. As close as we’ve seen on the screen since then. The main cast are mostly unknown Star Wars characters but occasionally the show crosses paths with more familiar characters. Either old or new characters, though, the story feels very familiar. Very close to the original trilogy.

The Bad

There are a lot of characters here but not a lot of character development. So far we’ve mostly been onlookers to a crew on small missions to disrupt rebel activities. The character we know the most about is perhaps the least interesting: Ezra Bridger, a young Jedi prospect, who can sometimes be more annoying than entertaining.

The Ugly

Star Wars Rebels is brought to us by Disney XD. ┬áThere’s a notion, because of that, that this show is solely for kids. The first few episodes do feel like the show is heading in that direction. But stay tuned. This series gets darker. Much darker.

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