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Daredevil: Season 2

Daredevil: Season 2 Television Review
Posted on March 21, 2016 by James Shults

First Aired: March 18, 2016

Creator: Drew Goddard

Overall Rating: Good

Business is booming for the law office of Nelson & Murdock as the second season of Daredevil gets underway. Everything is going great for Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page until The Punisher and Elektra come on the scene.

The Good

The show continues to have a cinematic feel to it. The night scenes in particular are the most memorable. Specifically, the fight scenes at night are great examples of shots lit dramatically under limited lighting sources. On the whole, Daredevil works best when it’s cloacked in darkness.


The Bad

It’s hard to get a handle on certain aspects of the Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) character. There are two women who he gets involved with. He goes back and forth between which of these women he’s interested in. The reason why he chooses either is unclear. It seems like whichever of the women he happens to be in a scene with is the one he’s interested in.

The Ugly

Unlike season one, Matt Murdock, as himself and as Daredevil, is the least interesting character in season two of the show. He’s a little boring, a little too much of a Boy Scout. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for the show because the many other characters are great. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), or The Punisher, is a brutal yet sympathetic realization of an unrelenting character. Then there’s Electra, played by Elodie Yung. She brings an intriguing, more fleshed out mischievous depiction of the character than what we’ve seen before.



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