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Pop Culture Happy Hour

NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast
Posted on July 8, 2015 by James Shults

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Overall Rating: Good

Linda Holmes is sort of the moderator of this discussion on a wealth of topics, including movies, television shows and notable pop culture events.

The Good

The topics discussed on Pop Culture Happy Hour are always very relevant, making this an excellent source of commentary about things that you’re already interested in and, perhaps, things that you will become interested in. The discussion is typically passionate and personal, connecting you almost intimately with the hosts.

The Bad

NPR has its own idea about what a podcast is. Like some of its other podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour is produced similarly to a radio show. In particular, it’s made up of tightly timed segments. One of the exciting thing about podcasts is the lack of restrictions and the ability to expound on a subject for as long as a subject merits expounding upon. That’s not something you can expect get with Pop Culture Happy Hour.

The Ugly

The host of Pop Culture Happy Hour, Linda Holmes, does a great job at keeping the show on the tracks. She is the consistent part of the show. There are also the co-hosts. At the time of this writing, they are Stephen Thompson and Glen Weldon. Don’t make the mistake of getting too attached to any of the co-hosts, though. The lineup seems to change sporadically. One day your favorite co-host may not be on the show that day. Another day that co-host may be gone forever.

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