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Never Not Funny

Never Not Funny
Posted on September 2, 2015 by James Shults

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Overall Rating: Good

Jimmy Pardo hosts this conversational comedy podcast along with a few regulars and a weekly guest.

The Good

Filled with fun conversation, antics and games, Never Not Funny generally runs about two hours. The show is, more or less, a loose conversation that seeks out jokes along the way. It requires little of the listener. You can tune out then tune back in and be right back in the mix.

The Bad

Unfortunately, half of the Never Not Funny podcasts are behind a paywall. I’m sure they’re worth the money. However, it’s so difficult to justify paying for podcasts when there are so many high quality podcasts available for free.

The Ugly

This could be a deal breaker┬ábut the comedy of Never Not Funny definitely rides the line of dad jokes. The show is very self aware, though. When it’s not funny, it’s at least corny.

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