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I Was There Too

I Was There Too Podcast
Posted on July 1, 2015 by James Shults

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Overall Rating: Good

Matt Gourley hosts the podcast I Was There Too, where he interviews actors about iconic scenes they were a part of from famous movies.

The Good

There are plenty of interesting guests on I Was There Too, including Greg Proops, who discusses his role in Stars Wars: Episode 1 and Paul F. Tompkins, who discusses his role in There Will Be Blood. There are plenty of other guests who, while you may not know them by name, have had parts in very famous movies.

The Bad

Most of the guests are quite entertaining. There are a few, however, who are not the best story tellers. It happens. These are actors, after all. Not podcasters. The meat of their stories are typically still enjoyable.

The Ugly

I Was There Too is all about people who played small parts in some of the biggest movies. It’s a niche that may be a little too narrow to make this a great, lasting podcast but it’s certainly a niche podcast worth tuning in to.

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