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Film Junk

Film Junk Podcast
Posted on February 22, 2016 by James Shults

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Overall Rating: Good

A weekly podcast dedicated to the discussion of film. Typically a new film is discussed each week as well as whatever else the hosts, Sean, Jay and Frank, happen to have watched recently.

The Good

Film Junk is an always enjoyable, long-form discussion on movies by three friends who are very knowledgeable about movies and come at them from their individual perspectives. The reviews are often insightful and always entertaining.

The Bad

There’s an unpolished nature to Film Junk that is very appealing. These are just three friends who are talking about movies. It may be too unpolished for some, though. In a recent episode there’s a moment when one of the co-hosts, Jay, knocks over a cup of coffee while in the heat of discussion. This moment doesn’t get left on the cutting room floor. The show goes on for the entire clean up of the coffee. Some will be pushed away because of things like this. Others will be pulled in.

The Ugly

The Film Junk crew does their best to avoid spoilers. But, because of how involved the discussions are, there are occasionally light spoilers. If you’re ok with that then you’ll be more than ok with the Film Junk podcast.

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