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Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer
Posted on August 11, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: August 11, 2002

Director: David Wain

Overall Rating: Good

It’s the last day of summer camp for a group of camp counselors who prepare for a big talent show.

The Good

It’s a joke a minute with Wet Hot American Summer. The movie’s impossible ensemble cast is very entertaining in this ludicrous look at summer camp and the counselors that run the show. If the humor doesn’t win you over, it’s still worth a watch just for the famous faces that pop up in the cast.

The Bad

During a talent show, there’s a kid on stage who makes a joke about how black and white people talk as part of his comedy act. This is a joke that stands out because there are no black people in this movie. There are probably about a hundred people in this movie. They are all starkly white, making the joke seem a bit inappropriate.

The Ugly

This is a parody movie. It doesn’t reach the heights of absurdity as Airplane or The Naked Gun. It’s not as ridiculous as Scary Movie. It’s quite clever, though, with jokes that rival most other parody movies. But if you don’t like parodies then you don’t like parodies and you likely won’t like this.

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