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Posted on August 31, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: November 21, 1973

Director: Jonathan Nolan

Overall Rating: Good

Two friends go on vacation to a resort that specializes in recreating time periods that are populated with androids.

The Good

Westworld is an interesting look at the future from a time well past. This technology-based science fiction film is still quite relevant with themes that echo our current cultural fears. Think of it as Jurrasic Park meets The Terminator, two movie franchises that are also relevant years past their initial inception. This movie, however, was a precursor to those two more enduring movies.

The Bad

The main character in Westworld is just a man on vacation. He’s not much more than that and we find out very little about him throughout. This makes it difficult to care about him. With no real attachment to any of the characters, it makes the stakes of the movie feel quite low.

The Ugly

While the themes of Westworld are still relevant, it’s the effects of the movie that don’t quite hold up. It’s easy to overlook, however, if you can put your mind in the time of the movie’s release, 1973.

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