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Posted on September 22, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: May 22, 2015

Director: Brad Bird

Overall Rating: Ugly

A teenage girl gets a glimpse into a futuristic World.

The Good

There’s an adventurous spirit about Tomorrowland that’s kind of irresistible. It’s where the movie really delivers. The title may lead you to believe that this movie is about it’s destination. It isn’t, really. It’s all about the journey and Tomorrowland ends up being a fairly fun, adventurous journey.

The Bad

There’s a scene near the beginning of Tomorrowland where the Britt Robertson character is asking the Raffey Cassidy character, who is a robot, questions about what’s going on. The Raffey Cassidy character says she is programed to shut down if asked too many questions. The Britt Robertson character asks a question and then the Raffey Cassidy character appears to shut down. What is the point of this scene? It exists to tell the audience it’s not going to tell the audience what it wants to know. It’s a wasted scene that only serves to slow down the movie.

The Ugly

There are going to be many who come to this movie with the expectation that a lot of it will take place in the titular city Tomorrowland. Those people may be disappointed to find out that it doesn’t.

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