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The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack
Posted on July 19, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: July 10, 2015

Director: Crystal Moselle

Overall Rating: Good

Six brothers who live in isolation in a NYC apartment, not allowed to go outside, become increasingly curious about the outside World.

The Good

The subjects of this movie are six very likable, oddly inspiring young men. They’ve spent most of their lives locked up in an apartment, only allowed to go outside a few times a year. The young men entertain themselves by recreating movie scenes in their apartment, taking on Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and The Dark Knight. These scenes are endlessly enjoyable as the boys try to recreate every nuance from the movies they love.

The Bad

The subject matter of The Wolfpack is very compelling but the amount of story feels a bit stretched to fill up a full length feature. It’s fine. It just drags a bit too long for what the audience can figure out what will be the inevitable end.

The Ugly

What about the sister? Where’s her wolf pack? I finished this movie particularly worried about what would become of her. The film maker takes little notice of her. Hopefully the rest of the family will take notice of her and she won’t end up as the lone wolf, locked away forever.

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