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The Guest

The Guest Movie Review
Posted on March 24, 2016 by James Shults

Release Date: September 5, 2015

Director: Adam Winegard

Overall Rating: Good

A stranger shows up at the home of the Peterson family who have recently lost their son in military action. The stranger claims to be a friend of their deceased son. Multiple murders occur around town soon after the family accepts the stranger into their home.

The Good

A John Carpenter inspired thriller that handles tone masterfully. The aesthetic of The Guest is moody and vibrant as all hell. The score, combined with the soundtrack, fits the aesthetic snugly, making The Guest a warm, pulpy blanket to keep cozy under.



The Bad

SPOILERS: David (Dan Stevens) is the stranger who shows up at the Peterson’s home. His motivations are a bit weak. He’s programmed to clean up loose ends, to protect the military program he’s a part of. That’s what his superior officer Major Carver (Lance Reddick) tells Anna (Maika Monroe), the daughter of the Peterson family. Wouldn’t he have just avoided the family all together? The explanation for David’s psychotic behavior is thin at best but it’s easy enough to just go along with it.

The Ugly

David shows up at the Peterson’s kids’ school towards the end of the movie. He has a mixed CD that Anna made for him earlier. While you can be certain he wouldn’t have had time to get the CD and bring it with him to the school it does add something special to the final scenes.

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