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Posted on July 22, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: June 5, 2015

Director: James McTeigue

Overall Rating: Bad

At an American embassy in London, an officer (Milla Jovovich) is framed for the murder of her coworkers and forced to go on the run.

The Good

Mila Jovovich is always watchable. She’s not always a great performer but she’s often either as good as the movie she’s in or better. The latter is the case in Survivor. She performs well in this very average action/thriller.

The Bad

This is not a sophisticated story. That it begins in an embassy may give the impression that Survivor is a smart action/thriller. It is not. It’s just a lot of things that happen. Things happen over here. Things happen over there. But none of it holds together in a logical way.

The Ugly

Two thirds into Survivor, we get the impression that there’s some kind of romantic relationship between Mila Jovovich and Dylan McDermott. Why is setting up any notion of romance important at this point? It’s brought up way too late in the movie not to feel tacked on. Instead, it just feels distracting. Fortunately the movie forgets about their relationship just as quickly as the audience does and moves on.

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