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Robot Overlords

Robot Overlords Movie Review
Posted on June 13, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: July 3, 2015

Director: Jon Wright

Overall Rating: Ugly

After a short, futile war with alien robots, Earth becomes controlled by their conquerors, or robot overlords, who install a Big Brother type of control where no one is allowed to leave their home. A group of kids become tangled up in an adventure to find the farther of a boy in the group.

The Good

Robot Overlords is entertaining enough with some interesting plot turns and mechanics along the way. There’s enough here to make this movie more than watchable but not enough to make it good. Of course Ben Kingsley, playing a villainous collaborator to the robots, is always enjoyable to watch.

The Bad

This has about the worst title you could slap on a movie. There is a positive to having such a terrible title as Robot Overlords, which is that it creates low expectations in the audience. It sets the bar low. The unfortunate part about the movie, however, is that it just barely meets the low expectations that the title sets.

The Ugly

The story here is a good one. It is.┬áBut Robot Overlords just doesn’t deliver fully in the end. This could have been a better movie had their been more money to work with, another rewrite or two on the script and, of course, a better title.

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