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Posted on July 20, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: May 29, 2015

Director: Andrew Bujalski

Overall Rating: Ugly

The owner of a fitness club and his top personal trainer have their lives disrupted when a stoner millionaire comes to town.

The Good

Results delivers a handful of high quality performances. In particular, Guy Pearce steals the show as a passionate gym owner and an all around health guru. He plays a character who would be easy to portray as pathetic. But he doesn’t. Instead the character is honest and amusing without being laughable.

The Bad

Cobie Smulders character changes too wildly throughout the movie. She starts out as an incredibly passionate personal trainer but quickly becomes dispassionate about her job. Her character’s actions just get sloppier from there. All of her actions feel random, as though they’re being determined by a dice roll. I suspect she’s supposed to be unpredictable but she just feels underdeveloped.

The Ugly

Kevin Corrigan is quite good as the newly divorced, newly-made millionaire who’s looking for a personal trainer to help him “take a punch”. His words. It’s kind of a cheat, though, to have an unpredictable, unwieldy millionaire to do your movie’s bidding for you. That being said, it’s still fun to see what this guy’s going to do next.

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