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Psycho II

Psycho II Movie Review
Posted on March 17, 2016 by James Shults

Release Date: June 3, 1983

Director: Richard Franklin

Overall Rating: Ugly

Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) returns home after having been institutionalized for 22 years. It’s not long into starting his new life that his old life starts to haunt him.

The Good

Norman befriends a young woman named Mary (Meg Tilly) who works with him at the local diner. The reason for Norman to be working at the diner is unnecessarily contrived but it does serve the movie well by putting Norman and Mary together. The relationship between them makes Psycho II a worthwhile watch.

The Bad

SPOILERS: The lucky convenience of Norman getting a job at the local diner where Mary happens to work is an unfortunate piece of what is probably reverse engineered writing. Mary couldn’t have planned on him getting a job there. Her and her mom could have planned everything else they do but not that.

The Ugly

There’s a scene where Norman introduces Mary to his doctor, Dr. Bill Raymond (Robert Loggia). They explain to the doctor that Mary’s now living in Norman’s house. No alarms seem to go off for the doctor but maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment. He offers Mary a ride to work and she accepts but the movie cuts away and doesn’t return to them. It feels like whatever followed would have been a scene that the audience needed to see. Wouldn’t the doctor have warned her about Norman? Maybe he did. Who knows? The way the scene stands, we’re left to believe the doctor condoned her being Norman’s roommate which is a notion that rivals Norman’s craziness.

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