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Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
Posted on July 10, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: February 20, 2015

Director: David Zellner

Overall Rating: Ugly

A despondent Japanese woman, Kumiko, finds a VHS tape of the movie Fargo and believes it to be a factual document. She becomes obsessed with finding the suitcase full of ransom money, as depicted in Fargo.

The Good

The cinematography in Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter is quite qood. Each shot seems well crafted and often stunning, capturing beautiful landscapes in both Japan and America. The acting is also worth noting. Rinko Kikuchi plays Kumiko very convincingly. The director, David Zellner, also turns in an interesting performance as a police officer who tries to help Kumiko along her journey.

The Bad

I won’t spoil the ending of Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. I’ll just say that it’s unearned. Kumiko never changes. There’s no character arc. She  starts out as a troubled, single-minded, self-serving oddball. She doesn’t change throughout. In the end, it’s hard to feel sympathy for her even though the movie certainly does.

The Ugly

Kumiko is an awkward, despondent character. She’s so affected that it’s hard to believe she can even function in the World. These traits of Kumiko are performed extraordinarily by Rinko Kikuchi. Unfortunately we get little understanding about how the character became this way. There’s a few bits of information but not enough to explain why Kumiko is the way she is.

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