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Goosed Movie Review
Posted on March 26, 2016 by James Shults

Release Date: September 28, 1999

Director: Aleta Chappelle

Overall Rating: Ugly

Charlene (Jennifer Tilly) is told by a psychic that she’ll fall in love with a doctor named Steve. This begins the search for her Steve.

The Good

There’s a quirky humor about Goosed that kind of works. There’s a scene with Charlene and her college boyfriend who’s doting on her in a park. He says to her, “I’m going to be the last boyfriend you’ll ever have.” Charlene returns deadpan, “Are you planning to marry me or kill me?” If that doesn’t grab you, there’s also a scene where she has sex with Gilbert Gottfried in order to get a job.

The Bad

The story gets repetitive early on when Charlene starts throwing herself at Steve upon Steve. She has little personality beyond the fact that she’ll sleep with any man named Steve. Goosed is perhaps progressive in that it gives Charlene agency within her world. What she does with that agency, however, is completely vapid.

The Ugly

Charlene gets married to her college boyfriend. Once she says “I do”, her sister usurps her celebration by announcing that she’s getting married. Charlene exclaims to herself, “Goosed!” Does this word mean something? Or is this an invention? She uses it again later to punctuate telling her ex-husband that her boobs are fake. I’m not sure if it’s actually a thing but I feel as though I’ve been goosed.

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