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Creep Movie Poster
Posted on June 27, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: June 19, 2015

Director: Patrick Brice

Overall Rating: Good

A videographer (Patrick Brice) answers a craigslist ad to film a man (Mark Duplass) for a day but, soon enough, things get creepy.

The Good

Creep is an interesting take on the found footage genre, a genre which can feel a bit tired at times. The movie trucks along at a good pace with tight suspense and a few twists along the way. Mark Duplass is always enjoyable to watch and the director, Patrick Brice, who stars alongside Duplass, is also quite enjoyable.

The Bad

This looks like it was shot and produced without any money and in a race to get to the finish line.  As much as Creep is refreshing in its story telling, it lacks in its overall production. The production doesn’t ruin the movie. It’s just noticeable enough to distract. At a running time of 82 minutes, however, Creep is over before you can be distracted by much.

The Ugly

I wonder what this movie would have been like had Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass had put a little extra time into the script. It’s not a bad script. It’s amusing, Interesting and tense. But, like many other Mark Duplass projects, Creep is right on the edge of being really good. It’s so close.

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