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Almost Blue

Almost Blue Movie Review
Posted on March 16, 2016 by James Shults

Release Date: April 19, 1996

Director: Alex Infascelli

Overall Rating: Bad

Morris Pool (Micheal Madsen) is a saxophone player whose lost his way after his wife dies from mysterious causes. His life starts to turn around when he meets Jasmine (Lynette Walden).

The Good

Almost Blue opens on Morris belting out a song on his sax in a scene that looks great. It comes alive as the camera makes its way around the jazz quartet he’s playing with and then back to Morris. It’s a very kinetic, authentic introduction.

The Bad

There are some interesting things in Almost Blue but those things are far outnumbered by the movie’s flaws. A light, pointless script is the main issue. Poor editing is the nail in the coffin.

The Ugly

For some unclear reason, Morris’s agent is used as a framing device for the story. Every now and then the movie cuts to him. Each time it does, we find him keeping himself warm in front of a burning barrel as he rambles directly to the camera in vague platitudes, barely making sense. He’s kind of a fun character but good luck making heads or tails of what he’s saying.

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