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Adult Beginners

Adult Beginners
Posted on July 30, 2015 by James Shults

Release Date: April 24, 2015

Director: Ross Katz

Overall Rating: Good

An immature entrepreneur (Nick Kroll) has to move in with his sister’s (Rose Byrne) family after his business fails.

The Good

Adult Beginners is a charming comedy with Nick Kroll headlining as a knucklehead who has to get his act together after bankrupting his company. There’s plenty you could nitpick about with this movie but it’ll win you over with its endearing comedy.

The Bad

The structure of Adult Beginners is predictable from the onset. You know that the Nick Kroll character is about to become bankrupt. After he moves into his sister’s home, you know that he’s going to take to her kid perfectly. You also know he’s eventually going to mess things up with his sister at some point. You know all the beats before they happen. Somehow, though, it’s all quite enjoyable despite the predictability.

The Ugly

Nick Kroll’s character lives in an affluent world in the beginning of Adult Beginners.  The tone of that world is fun but completely absurd in comparison to the tone of his family’s world, which is where most of the movie takes place. These two worlds feel like they belong to two different movies. Fortunately, most of the movie takes place in the more grounded setting of the sister’s world.

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